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Salesforce for Retail Call Center – Case Study


Salesforce for Retail Call Center – Case Study


The Salesforce implementation for this Retailer’s Call Center was focused on increasing single call resolution, decreasing average call time, and increasing overall customer satisfaction with service calls. The initial implementation was rolled out to a specialized team that provides accommodations to customers. After the first 3 months, the Salesforce implementation was rolled out to the rest of the call center, roughly 1,000 people.

 The main approaches for meeting these goals included the following:

  • Integrate customer, order, and product data from a variety of OMS, WMS, and CDM systems. Salesforce reduced the number of systems associates needed to access, greatly decreasing training cost and time.
  • Implement Customer 360, turning Salesforce into the Customer Data Master. Associates could flag records for review. Data Stewards would then process flagged records to merge contacts and accounts to increase data quality.
  • Allow users to view all historic order data including system notes directly through Salesforce
  • Send email communications directly through Salesforce instead of a combination of Moxie and Gmail
  • Allow users to generate actions in the OMS through field updates and buttons in Salesforce. The two-way integration decreased the number of systems an associate needed to access in order to resolve a customer issue.
  • Use icons and custom visual components to allow service reps to quickly determine customer history and current order status – Where is My Order (WISMO) is the number 1 call driver for most retail call centers
  • Create a pathway for associates to escalate customer issues which require manager approval or special handling
  • Migrate multiple wikis into a single searchable knowledge base within Salesforce
  • Allow associates to communicate about orders, customers, and cases directly within Salesforce through chatter instead of isolated email communications
  • Provide training materials and modules directly within Salesforce for decentralized training to decrease operational cost and time
  • Push cases directly to associates using Omni-Channel to ensure fast response times and reduce cherry picking.
  • Capture data about issues related to products and expose this information directly to vendors via Partner Community. This allowed vendors to see trends in product issues and take preventative measures to ensure product quality. By tracking product issues, the company was able to request vendor compensation for accommodations issued for provided products.
  • Give insight into call center performance and associated costs through internal reporting and dashboards
  • Use case assignment rules to ensure cases were routed by territory or to high level support teams for VIP clients.

Why New Elevation?

New Elevation has a very strong proven staff of professionals who have been at the leading edge of the application of Salesforce in a Retail Environment, and excellent references from major retailers.

Salesforce technology enables a single Business Analyst to create applications and features via Configurations, and a Salesforce Developer to implement custom actions, triggers and integrations very rapidly.  These efficiencies are highly elevated with the institutional knowledge of New Elevation’s team, and this makes our talent pool extremely valuable in a marketplace suffering from scarcity of talent.