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A luxury

Commercial Experience

We specialize in upscale experiences within commerce. Our technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge help brands harness and deploy composable enterprise solutions.

Solving the Larger Business Puzzle

As a Turnberry Solutions company, New Elevation is supported by the power of an international end-to-end technology partner. This gives New Elevation clients access to specialized expertise and premium talent across the full spectrum of enterprise challenges.

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Delivering on Your Commerce Goals

When it comes to commerce technology, how you reach success is just as important as the solutions you choose. Our flexible process, from initial analysis to post-launch support, always keeps you at the center and your goals as the driving force.


Commerce Strategy

Extensive Review & Analysis

A thorough assessment of the current state to inform decision-making. This includes analyzing business processes, technological infrastructure, and market position. We conduct in-depth market research and competitor analysis to identify opportunities and threats.

Stakeholder Engagement

The alignment of the project objectives with the stakeholders’ needs, ensuring buy-in from key individuals throughout the project lifecycle. This includes the facilitation of workshops, interviews, and surveys to gather insights and requirements from all relevant parties.

Scope & Planning

Vision & Scope

Define a clear vision for the project, outlining the desired outcomes and strategic goals. This includes defining deliverables, milestones, and success criteria.

Budget Management

Continuous monitoring and adjustment of the budget to ensure that the project remains financially viable and on track. This includes comprehensive budget plans that account for all project-related resources, tools, and contingencies.


Develop wireframes, prototypes, and architectural diagrams to guide the commerce development process. This involves creating detailed blueprints for the project, covering both functional and technical aspects.

Insightful Execution

Integration & Deployment

Building, testing, and deploying the solution. During execution, we integrate new solutions with existing systems and infrastructure. We ensure seamless commerce deployment through meticulous planning, testing, and quality assurance.

Phased Releases

We implement a phased release strategy. This approach allows us to deliver the solution incrementally, gathering feedback and making necessary adjustments at each stage to help manage change effectively and ensure that the solution meets user expectations before full-scale deployment.

Commerce Optimization

Post-deployment, we provide continuous support to ensure the solution operates optimally. Our support services include monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting to address any issues promptly. We offer 24/7 support to ensure that our clients can rely on our expertise at any time, facilitating smooth operations and ongoing improvement.