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Chris Allison named Chief Operating Officer of New Elevation


Chris Allison named Chief Operating Officer of New Elevation


New Elevation has announced the appointment of Chris Allison as Chief Operating Officer. Chris will fill this new role for the company, providing critical operations strategy and direction for the business. He brings to the role e-commerce and consulting expertise, and will empower New Elevation to continue strengthening its engineering expertise and delivery quality.

Chris has held a variety of leadership roles within Turnberry Solutions, New Elevation’s parent company, during the last seven years. He has led teams in program management, client engagement, and delivery, developing broad and deep expertise across all core areas of technology consulting. Prior to joining Turnberry, Chris developed his e-commerce chops at Charter Communications, where he supported the company’s e-commerce platform, leading the team who built and supported the platform and the applications within it.

“I am thrilled to be welcoming Chris to the team as COO,” said Joe Garcia, CEO and founder of New Elevation. “I have seen how Chris’s client-first focus and delivery leadership has influenced Turnberry, and I know his operations expertise is exactly what our entrepreneurial, engineering-minded team needs to keep propelling us forward.”

Chris is passionate about empowering a company to best serve its customers, delivering custom solutions, expert teams, and luxury service. He is eager to leverage his e-commerce foundation and consulting delivery expertise to foster innovation and drive operational excellence. Chris’s appointment to COO comes at a time of significant growth for the organization, and his skillset will be crucial as New Elevation expands its core offerings and geographic reach.

“It’s a fantastic time to join New Elevation,” Chris said. “We are just starting to introduce customers to The AnyStore, a new customizable, plug-and-play solution that makes commerce easier than ever. We are growing our team with the best global talent. And we are also migrating east, bringing New Elevation’s expertise and engineering solutions nationally.”

As the Bay Area-based company continues its journey of market expansion and the introduction of pioneering solutions like The AnyStore, Chris will be instrumental in shaping New Elevation’s future.

New Elevation is a luxury commerce consultancy that provides expert knowledge, bespoke composable solutions, and premium talent for e-commerce solutions. Through agility and attention to detail, New Elevation aims to modernize the commerce experience with deep knowledge, specialized guidance, and engineering excellence.

New Elevation is a subsidiary of Turnberry Solutions, a global consultancy that delivers custom-fit technology and business solutions through disciplined execution and premium consultants who contribute lasting results. With a focus on integration and understanding clients’ goals and challenges, Turnberry develops natural solutions and deliver smooth implementations – empowering clients to harness the right solutions and make meaningful change.

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