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Apache SOLR and Lucidworks – Yeah, We Do That Too


Apache SOLR and Lucidworks – Yeah, We Do That Too


We’re excited to announce that New Elevation is now offering development and support services for Apache SOLR and Lucidworks Search Engines.

The Apache SOLR Search Engine powers the search capability of many of the world’s largest Internet sites, including Netflix, Disney, Instagram, and many others.  Lucidworks offers an industry-leading product built on the SOLR platforms and contributes 70% of the open-source code.

New Elevation provides advanced/Level-3 technical support for SOLR and Lucidworks users and can provide references from existing clients who are benefiting from this service.

What this means

At New Elevation, our mantra is “Experts Only”.  This mantra also applies to our Apache SOLR team, as we’ve built it using fully dedicated SOLR and Lucidworks experts who work around the clock to offer full 24/7 support for the most demanding clients with an SLA below 20 minutes,.

So if a customer has an issue with search on one of these large, heavily trafficked websites, they make the call to New Elevation’s dedicated SOLR team.  That call will receive a response from our expert team, any time of the day or night, within minutes – and they will immediately put their knowledge to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Beyond Support

The benefit of New Elevation’s dedicated team of expert SOLR engineers goes beyond just finding the right answers and supporting our enterprise clients. It also extends to providing our clients with standardized weekly reporting, Root Cause Analysis, and collaboration above and beyond the support requests.  Of course, our services include the professionalism that New Elevation is known for, all at a price that most consulting firms with high overhead wouldn’t be able to sustain internally.


So to sum it up – at New Elevation, Apache SOLR support, like everything else we do, equals “Experts Only”.